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Introducing Broadband Connect Wireless Lite

Vodacom Broadband Connect Wireless Lite is taking Internet connectivity to the next level. This next generation of wireless technology lets you enjoy fast Internet browsing at an unbelievably low rate!


What is Broadband Connect Wireless Lite?

Vodacom’s Broadband Connect Wireless Lite service allows you to connect with multiple devices to the Internet around your business or home. This broadband makes use of LTE (also known as 4G) technology, which allows it to provide reduced network delay.

At an average speed of 15 Mbps, this is one of the fastest Internet solutions with speeds up to three times faster than 3G. You can expect instant downloads, easy file sharing and seamless VoIP calls without any buffering or delays.

Who is using Broadband Connect Wireless Lite?

Although this service was initially designed with small and medium businesses in mind, the popularity of this technology has since spread to households and everyday Internet users. Wireless broadband is a very effective solution for gaming, streaming, blogging and everyday browsing.

Benefits of using Broadband Connect Wireless Lite

Super-fast Internet speeds

At an average speed of 15 Mbps, Vodacom Broadband Connect Wireless Lite connects multiple devices for instant downloads.

Receive a Router, dongle & SIM regardless of the package chosen

No matter which plan you choose, you’ll receive all the hardware you need. We’ll deliver everything to your doorstep for you to do a quick self-installation.

Ideal for small businesses

The perfect combination of high connectivity speeds, affordability and scalability.


VoIP and cloud services can be added on.

Call-out voucher

Receive one call-out voucher. Ring us up and we will come and assist you with all your Broadband Connect Wireless Lite queries.

12 or 24 month contract

Choose the timeframe which you would like to use this Wireless Connection via Smartcom.

Top-Ups available

Stay connected 24/7 with our data bundle top-ups.

Add optional Wireless Lite voice numbers

Broadband Connect Wireless Lite voice is available over the same broadband connection and Huawei HG 659 router.

This IP Talk, our Voice over IP (VoIP) service, gives you the ability to make phone calls over Broadband Connect Wireless Lite connection without interfering with the Internet connection and usage.

This optional VoIP service is available at a once-off activation fee of R36.84 (incl VAT) per IP-Talk.

The optional IP-Talk voice service provides: 

  • A maximum of two voice connections with 2 x 087 numbers.
  • Voice service that does not eat into the monthly allocated internet data cap
  • Cost savings of up to 30% on your monthly account and FREE on-net calling from one Vodacom IP-Talk connected site to another.

You can purchase an ICASA approved analogue phone and connect it to the router to make phone calls.


Broadband Connect Wireless Lite Plans

Price plan

24 Month contract
(incl. VAT)

BBC Wireless Lite 75GB R 399.00
BBC Wireless Lite 150GB R 549.00
BBC Wireless Lite 225GB R 899.00
BBC Wireless Lite 300GB R 999.00

FREE Activation

Top Up Plans (Incl. VAT)

1GB R 70.61
5GB R 100.88
20GB R 363.16
 50GB R 857.46
 100GB R 1 513.16
 150GB R 2 218.29
 200GB R 2 924.43



  • The Broadband Connect Wireless Lite service consists of a Broadband router, a Dongle and a SIM card.
  • Should any of these service elements be used separately, Vodacom will not be able to support the service and connectivity will be lost.
  • The HG659 broadband router that is wireless LAN-enabled can handle up to 18 wireless or wired LAN connections.

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