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What is Vodacom One Net?

Vodacom’s One Net is a managed unified communications service that brings teams together to help them work more efficiently. One Net intelligently integrates a number of different communication services, messaging and collaboration apps into a single cloud-based system, making it easier than ever for you and your team to stay in touch with one another, while also reducing the chance of missing important calls or meetings – even when you’re not in the office.

One Net consists of three different product offerings:

  • One Net Connect – a secure and low-cost VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service that uses SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) as an addition to, or replacement of your traditional telephone service.
  • One Net Express – a call management tool that enables SMEs to easily route calls to the right department, create Hunt Groups, and integrate desktop phones with mobile phones, so your business never misses a call.
  • One Net Business – a range of all-in-one landline, cellphone and video conferencing solutions that integrate mobile and fixed telephony lines and services, enabling teams to work efficiently, regardless of their location or the device they have access to.

One Net provides high-quality service for all business types through an assortment of unified communication features and functionalities that will integrate your fixed and mobile telephone services and lines, offering a true converged experience.

The benefits of using One Net

  • Seamless collaboration
  • Flexibility to add or reduce licenses as a business’ needs change
  • Reduces IT maintenance and management
  • Quick roll out of communication services in new locations
  • Full PBX-equivalent functionality
  • Intuitive web, voice and video conferencing solutions
  • Simpler collaboration with real-time file and screen sharing
  • Best mobile data tariffs for staff, wherever they are in the world
  • Improved teamwork with collaboration tools on the go

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