Your servers are always secure in the cloud.

What is Vodacom Cloud Back-up?

Vodacom Cloud Back-up is a cost-effective way to back up your on-premises servers and desktops to the cloud. It offers flexibility, high performance and secure back-ups over the internet for all hardware infrastructure, and can be implemented as a private cloud, community cloud, public cloud or hybrid cloud.

  • Private clouds are provisioned and used by a single organisation, irrespective of where their data center is located.
  • Community clouds are used by a small set of known customers – often operating within the same industry – who share similar requirements in terms of performance, security, cost and other factors.
  • The public cloud is owned and operated by Vodacom Business, and is used by all customers.
  • The hybrid cloud draws from various models. Each aspect of this storage system is owned and operated by a different entity, and integrated across different environments with managed software.

The benefits of Cloud Back-up


With encryption on disk and during transit, your data is always securely stored in the cloud


Schedule your back-up with the Cloud Back-up app’s easy-to-use interface, and you are done!


Securely access your data on the go through the Cloud Back-up web portal using any device, from any global location.

How much does Cloud Back-up cost?

To determine the exact cost of your Cloud Back-up system, you will need to consider the following:

  • The number of servers that need to be backed up
  • The type of server operating system and the applications of the server
  • The number of desktops and laptops to be included
  • The disk capacity that is needed for online back-up

Get Cloud Back-up

  • For your laptop : R9.00 per laptop , R3.00 per GB of storage
  • For your server : R370.00 per server , R125.00 per optional module per server, R3.00 per GB of storage , and an R850.00 once-off set-up fee
  • For your virtual machine: R250.00 per virtual machine, R125.00 per optional module, R3.00 per GB of storage , and an R850.00 once-off set-up fee

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