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What is SmartView Plus?

SmartView Plus is a powerful, cloud based Technology Expense Management [TEM] platform that delivers unparalleled visibility, analytics and control across your entire IT and Telecoms [ICT] landscape. The software is proprietary, meaning that we can custom align the solution and reporting structures to fit the unique requirements of any organisation.

Easy to use reports and visually appealing dashboards empower key decision makers and administrators with meaningful, on demand Business Intelligence [BI] relating to all enterprise IT and telecom expenditure. Track and monitor expenditure on fixed lines, mobile voice & data, fuel, desk phones e.t.c effortlessly.

SmartView Plus Benefits

Using SmartView Plus as your extensive enterprise reporting platform, it offers the following benefits:

Cloud Based

Redundancy, security and scalability are all direct benefits of our cloud based platform. No onsite hardware required and no installation costs.

Spot Problems and Abuse

Finding overspend, wastage abuse and general inefficiencies has never been easier with our purpose built reports.

Powerful Analytics

Exceptional reporting provides insights into expenditure and trends across the entire company. Set budgets, allocate, track and recover costs and much more.

Web Based Access

The platform has a web-based interface, which enables anywhere, anytime access. All telecom expenditure, usage and trends available in one place.

No Billshock

We import daily usage and monthly invoice data from your carriers. This enables you to spot runaway devices before its too late and match usage to invoices.

Automated Reports

Exceptions, alerts, triggers, notifications as well as general reporting requirements can be sent to key role players via automated emails

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