The long wait for SIM cards is over with SIM Advance. Conveniently keep a pool of SIM cards at hand to replace damaged or missing SIM cards quickly. A predetermined percentage of the total number of SIM cards managed on SmartView or SmartView Plus will be issued during every 12-month cycle.

Estimate how many SIM cards you will need to replace due to damage or loss, or new SIM card activations over the next 12 months. The percentage of the estimate is calculated against the total number of managed lines on SmartView and SmartView Plus and determines the nominal monthly surcharge that will be levied per line loaded on the system. SIM cards can be delivered in bulk, in full upfront, or 25% at the start of each quarter, or 50% at each 6-month interval.  Unused SIM cards at the end of each 12 months will remain yours and you can adjust your SIM card requirement percentage every 12 months to suit your requirements.

SIM Advance is convenient, no waiting periods for SIM deliveries and unused SIM cards remain in the hands of the company.

Email Agora Tec here for more information on this service.


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