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Smartphones are called smart for a reason. They allow you to do anything from banking to video calling, and even checking your daily steps. While these smart devices allow you to use and abuse the wonderful tech-savvy apps, they come at a steep price.

Why is my data usage so high?

Most of the time our smart devices, and the apps that are installed on them, make use of a huge amount of data without us noticing. You might take some time to rest at night, but your technological device is forever awake, downloading data in the background. As soon as an update pops up, your device makes sure that the latest services and apps are taken care of.

How do I take control of my data usage?

Installed Apps

To ensure that you don’t have apps updating and sending information in the background, be sure to switch off “background app refresh” on your device, and that all updates only takes place in a wifi environment.

Keep an eye on notifications:

Keep an eye out for SMSs from the Vodacom network informing you of your data usage. You can also track your usage via the Vodacom App (click here to go to the link), or you can dial *111# from your device to get your latest balance.

SmartView Plus

If you own a business you should consider SmartView Plus, which is a fantastic tool to help you manage your data and overall business usage. Click here for more information to SmartView Plus.

Roam smartly

Costs can add up quickly if you use your device outside the Vodacom coverage area. Be sure to deactivate “Data Roaming” on your device, and speak to Smartcom about our roaming alternatives that will not cost and arm and a leg.


Most streaming apps will give you the option of streaming at a lower definition, which should reduce your data usage significantly.

Data usage tracker

It’s not always easy to calculate the exact amount of data that you’re going to need, or how much you are currently using. Try out this nifty calculator see how much data these popular apps use. This will help you when you try and determine your data usage.

How much data am I using?

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