Launched in 2013, SnapScan has turned into perhaps the foremost app in the mobile payments space in the country. The past few years have seen other competitors enter the arena – including Samsung Pay, together with the addition of scan-and-pay functionalities to a number of local banking apps – but SnapScan’s app now also allows users to securely pay their bills using the app.

SnapScan announced the addition of an in-billing feature to their mobile app in 2017, and ever since the launch of this functionality, the list of merchants and service providers who can be paid in this way has been steadily growing – and still is.

Users of the SnapScan app aren’t just able to settle payments to vendors who do not have access to card terminals but can also settle their bills to a number of service providers, including medical bills, municipal bills, electricity bills, insurance premiums and television subscriptions, among many others. As the app requires a PIN, fingerprint or FaceID authentication with every payment that is made, this way of paying bills is also completely secure.

How to pay your bills with SnapScan

To pay your bills with SnapScan, you’ll first need to download the SnapScan app from the Google Play or Apple App Store. You will then be required to sign up and upload the cards that will be used to process payments with.

After signing up and choosing a PIN, tap on the button labelled “More”, which can be found in the bottom right corner of the screen. From here, tap on “Bills” and search for the service provider or company you want to pay in the list. Enter your reference or account number, and voilà – you are able to settle your municipal account without having to actually drive to the municipality or try and navigate their outdated website.

Buying prepaid electricity or airtime with SnapScan is a breeze, as is paying your parking fee without having to stand in a queue or go back into the mall for cash.

Speaking to MyBroadband about the entrance of large international corporate companies to the local mobile payments space in 2018, SnapScan seemed unperturbed.

“What they lack, specifically in Africa, is merchant and business acceptance,” SnapScan said, adding that their “in-app bill payment functionality has also been a huge success and cannot be replicated by device manufacturers.”

SnapScan is also a great tool for small business owners – read about how merchants can add their business to the app here.

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