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I wanted to express my sincere gratitude for the exceptional support and service your company has provided to us at Pace Car Rental (Pty) Ltd.

As you may recall, we rely on CellC as our primary mobile data supplier. However, a few months ago, we encountered a significant issue with their online portal, which we use to purchase data for our staff members. After numerous frustrating attempts to resolve the problem through support calls to CellC, it seemed like a dead-end.

In my search for a solution, I turned to the CellC app on my phone as an alternative method. This worked for a while until it didn’t. Despite repeatedly reaching out to CellC for assistance, they insisted that their online and app portals were functioning correctly and that the problem was not on their end.

I was very frustrated at this point, as our staff members were relying on us for data, and they were now forced to purchase and use their own data for work purposes. In a state of uncertainty, I sought help from our finance team, but they were equally unsure of how to address the issue.

It was at this point that Tariq, one of our new financial managers, mentioned your company. He had firsthand experience with your services from his previous employment and recommended that I get in touch with you. So, I reached out to you, Oupa, and you responded quickly, providing assurance and immediate assistance.

Over the past month, I have been using your services to load data for our staff members. Your efficiency in handling our requests, even when it’s just one cellphone number at a time, has been remarkable. You understand the urgency of our needs and consistently deliver with exceptional speed.

I want to thank you for the service you’re providing, although it’s just data for now, this gives me trust to contact you if we ever need other services and products from you.

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Pace Car Rental

Agora Tec have been given me/us great service for the past years . If you needed anything or had an issue they are just an email or phone call away.

Thank you Agora Tec.

Right To Care
Western Cape
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