They’re indispensable, but our mobile devices can certainly run up quite a bill, come month-end. There are a several simple ways in which you can cut your bills down to size, though.

Here’s how.

Individual customers

Choosing mobile tariffs that match your actual mobile usage is key to saving on your monthly cellphone bill and ensuring there isn’t any wastage. To do this, you’ll have to first establish what your mobile usage looks like on a monthly basis. Do this by noting roughly how much mobile data, minutes and text messages you use every month, and then looking for a contract or prepaid plan that offers exactly that.

Contrary to what many mobile customers think, there are a range of cellphone contracts available today that are relatively affordable – and these often come with a brand new handset in tow. While we’re talking about devices, users should also try and limit upgrading their contracts prior to the full 24-month period (in accordance with the length of most mobile phone contracts) to avoid duplicating hardware costs.

Considering a cheaper mobile device instead of the flagship model of your favourite mobile manufacturer will also have a significant hand in saving on monthly payment rates on contract, while prepaid users will save a lot of money when acquiring a new device if they opt for a cheaper alternative. When considering a contract, it is also important to note that you don’t have to upgrade to a new device if you are happy with your current phone – this also cuts a huge chunk out of the monthly tariffs on cellphone contracts.

Businesses and SMEs

Businesses and small and medium enterprises can rack up mobile expenses that run into the thousands – something that most businesses today simply can’t afford. The culprits are often easily identifiable, though.

WASP services deduct money from employees’ accounts every day, and these amounts can become huge at the end of the month. Cancelling WASP services is as easy as simply following a few USSD prompts – this should be employers’ first port of call when searching for unexplained mobile expenses. Choosing the right roaming solution when employees leave the country for business is another way to save money once international business travel is allowed again.

Just as the case is for individual customers, keeping track of all mobile expenses is the best way to easily identify runaway devices within the company. Bill shock is a reality for many business owners, but how does a company stay on top of all the data to stop exorbitant spending as it occurs? With SmartView Plus from Agora Tec, organisations can easily track all their mobile and data-related expenses from one central, cloud-based platform that is accessible from anywhere an internet connection is available. For a complimentary report to see how much you can save, click here.

Agora Tec can help individuals and businesses to split bills, track and curb mobile spending, and start saving money today. Let us help your business to cut mobile expenses with a complimentary report setting out all your business lines. Simply click here to start saving and find a mobile solution that suits you and your business.

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