If there ever was a moment to closely inspect all the expenses your business incurs every month, the moment is now. Covid-19 has thrown many South African SMEs and corporates into financial turmoil, and many will not be able to weather this storm. That is exactly why the smallest expenses matter now – and while many businesses may consider their company’s mobile expenditure a relatively tiny amount, a closer look might reveal that there is a lot of fat in dire need of trimming in this regard.

SmartView Plus is the easiest way to keep track of all the mobile expenses of your business. This web-based reporting system gives business owners a detailed overview of the exact mobile usage within their organisation in real time, also giving them a chance to set notifications and limits in place to curb spending.

How does SmartView Plus work?

Entirely web-based, SmartView Plus requires no on-site installation, nor does it need specific existing infrastructure. SmartView Plus’s interactive reporting dashboard can be accessed via desktop computers, laptops, tablets and mobile devices, meaning the real-time, easy-to-understand data collected and compiled by SmartView Plus is instantly accessible, no matter where you are.

SmartView Plus lets organisations set usage alerts on specific accounts, and email-based notifications inform the company administrator, IT and employees know when allocated SIM cards are close to reaching their usage limit.

SmartView doesn’t only allow for cellular tracking, though: on-demand Business Intelligence (BI) helps organisations to keep track of all enterprise IT and telecoms data, including fixed lines, mobile voice and data, desk phones, fuel and a range of others. The big data of your organisation is available at a glance with SmartView Plus, and the system lets you track expenditure, usage and trends across the entire company.

Because runaway devices can be easily identified, overspend, wastage abuse and general inefficiencies are spotted as the issues arise – and not at the end of the month when an exorbitant bill that can’t quite be explained arrives.

With all data conveniently stored in the cloud, SmartView Plus comes with greater scalability, security and redundancy, making it the easiest way to keep track of the expenses that are sucking your company dry.

When economic viability is of the essence, organisations need a comprehensive way to keep track of expenses, and SmartView Plus is exactly that. Contact Agora Tec today to find a SmartView Plus plan that will work for your corporate or SME.


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