Here’s how to get a free report on your business’ telecoms usage

These are trying economic times, and most businesses have to tighten their belts and reign in runaway expenses. One such expense is an organisation’s cellphone and IT usage. Without realising, a business can easily let telecoms expenses run up high costs – but how can businesses manage these expenses in a cost-effective, comprehensive and convenient way?

SmartView Plus is the answer for businesses of any size. This central, cloud-based platform gives business owners a clear look at exactly what telecoms expenses are racked up by which employees, and keep track of these expenses in real-time.

The platform lets business owners monitor all usage, expenditure and trends relating to telecoms services, including fixed lines, desk phones and expenses for fuel. This information is compiled into easy-to-read and concise, purpose-built reports that can be tailored according to the specific needs of a business.

With Smartview Plus, triggers, exceptions, alerts and notifications can instantly be sent to key players via automated emails, making use of data relating to daily usage and monthly invoice data that is imported directly from data carriers.

The cloud-based nature of the platform means that no on-site hardware is required, nor are there any installation costs. Business owners have instant access to all data, as the platform also runs entirely in the cloud.

Want to see SmartView in action and get an idea of your business’s monthly telecoms expenses? Get a free report for your business, and start cutting costs today! You can access your free business report here.

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