In the financially constrained times that we currently find ourselves in, there is still a way that you can reduce business costs without needing to go through the painful process of cancelling services that you do need.

Globally, COVID-19 has severely impacted many SME’s and Corporates. As a result, many are looking at ways to cut any unnecessary costs, and are trying to save wherever they can to survive.

Communications and connectivity are vital in most parts of any organisation. Without connectivity and being able to communicate it would be very difficult to do business, and it is for this reason that excess connectivity costs are often overlooked as it is seen as a necessity. Surprisingly, significant savings can be unlocked on a monthly basis from within existing connectivity spend ranging from a few hundred to a few thousand Rand per month.

Over the years we have seen organisations eradicate excess costs that were concealed in content services, high out of bundle costs, under-utilised lines and roaming activities. Through proper proactive management, these excess costs have been reduced by as much as 98%. With excess costs of as little as R250 per month spread across just a few hundred lines translates into savings of R500,000 plus per annum.

Proactive line expense management also has the added benefit of supporting organisational connectivity policy and improving the connected behaviour of employees working remotely. More importantly, costs are reduced without having to “do without”, as oftentimes is the case where costs can only be slashed by terminating agreements and services entirely. This supports business continuity by not adversely affecting connectivity in order to save money.

In our current economic climate which organisation wouldn’t be happy to reduce its monthly costs without having any negative trade-off?

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Vickie Janssen

Vickie Janssen is a professional that assists corporates and SME’s optimise costs through technology-based solutions.  She is a Technical Solutions Engineer at Agora Tec with many years of telecommunications and entrepreneurial experience that have given her a solid understanding of business.


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