Microsoft Migration

Microsoft 365 Business (formerly Office 365 Business) has become a common name in the business environment. Three decades later and the Office Suite has evolved from only three applications (Excel, Word and PowerPoint) on your desktop computer to a variety of incredible applications supported across multiple platforms and devices.

Even though the Office suite by Microsoft has drastically improved, many businesses are still apprehensive when it comes to migrating from their current on-premises IT environment to Microsoft 365 Business in the cloud. After providing many customers with IT services I have discovered some the main questions they have that may prevent them from moving to the cloud. These are:

· Is my data safe, secure, and private?

· Is my data easy to access and does it get backed up?

· Isn’t it difficult is it to implement on my business?

· What does migration mean and does it cause down-time?

· Isn’t Microsoft Business 365 more expensive that if I bought it over the counter?

These are all important questions and they prove that customers are serious about their data and what happens to it. Microsoft 365 Business’ subscription based license allows you to add and remove licenses at any time and as you need it. Your business doesn’t have to outlay large upfront sums of money, thereby placing the cost of the service into an operating expense which is adaptable to changes in the business. A case in point are the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, where companies could increase or decrease their Microsoft 365 licenses at any time.

Microsoft 365 is a cloud software solution which means that all your important data is securely backed up across multiple servers across the globe. This is an important aspect which prevents data loss from hardware disasters that could happen with on-premises servers, such as flooding, electrical surges and fire. Microsoft has trained certified experts who assist with a smooth migration of on-premises data to the cloud for organised safe storage. Businesses have the freedom to purchase monthly or annual licenses to save costs over a longer period. All staff can have access to common applications to assist with business communication and productivity. Furthermore, the pricing includes automatic updates of your applications, ensuring you are always using the most current version of Outlook, Word, Excel, and PowerPoint among others.

The Microsoft Office Suite has become the most commonly used software in businesses today. Microsoft 365 is continuously evolving as the business environment changes. There is no doubt that Microsoft 365 will become a common name in all businesses across the world.

For pricing and more information on Microsoft 365 Business and assistance with the migration please click here.


Author: Bradley P. Govender

Business Channel Manager: IT Solutions

Lectured Microsoft Software and Hardware Engineering in an International college for 8 years.

Microsoft network and server administrator for more than 15 years.

Specialist in Microsoft Office 365.

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