The beginning of the Industrial Revolution was also the starting point of the world becoming a smaller place. The vast amounts of time used to travel to far places area thing of the past with most places on the planet that are within easy reach by airtravel in less than 24 hours. Through the growth ofelectronic communication, people have become closer to others across the globe, and business has gone worldwide. We can now talk to our family and friends anywhere at the click of a button. This question is maybe then posed to the scientists; when exactly are we then crossing over the time zone and lines?

Are we perhaps moving away from mobile phones? Or shall we ask; In the future will we be moving away from mobile phone devices in the form that we are accustomed to?

The human race, at this stage of existence, is comfortable with a handheld device, but things evolve and one day our current devices will be on display in museums as rudimentary communication tools of the past.

The human element will never be removed from communications, but never say never. With current growth, strategic elements, and focus in the world of technology, and the fast pace of innovation we need to be vigilant of technology such as robotics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning and the role they will play in the not too distant future.

Imagine you are occupied in a meeting, and your answering machine in your open plan seaview office at home takes your call and interacts with the caller as if you had answered the call yourself.  The device could hold a conversation that deals with the specifics of the caller`s questions, possibly closing a deal, and to top that, the conversation was handled by your hologram, portraying your exact emotions, and making the decisions that you would have made.

Could it be that we will someday have no use for a mobile phone as we currently know it?


Vickie Janssen

Vickie Janssen is a professional that assists corporates and SME’s optimise costs through technology-based solutions.  She is a Technical Solutions Engineer at Agora Tec with many years of telecommunications and entrepreneurial experience that have given her a solid understanding of business.


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