Mobility Management and IoT

IoT (Internet of Things) is growing rapidly and will have a major role to play in many areas of the market. As per Gartner’s research, IoT devices will reach 20.4 billion by 2020. This may be hampered by the global COVID-19 pandemic. There are several IoT communication protocols available, and they have different capabilities, data rates, communication range, power, and memory. Some of the communication protocols are suitable for use in small home appliances, whereas several others might be used in huge smart city projects.

Whilst IoT is one of the most sought after technologies, companies need to still be in a position to manage and control their operations and expenses, especially considering the volume of SIM cards required to perform the connectivity.

In many instances we find that due to the high volume of data usage these IoT SIM cards generate, telecoms expenses can spiral very quickly. IoT SIM cards are sometimes treated as “installed and forgotten”. These IoT SIM cards are crucial and require regular attention. The following are some examples of anomalies;

– Content services being billed directly to an account via WASP services

– No regular attention being paid to high usage SIM cards

– Identifying potential “rogue” sims

– SIM allocation maintenance

– APN provisioning

– Checking device errors and configuration changes

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Dave Hughes

Dave Hughes is a Channel Manager at Agora Tec and is a results-driven professional with a proven track record in Corporate and SME environments, spanning management, finance, sales and operations.  Throughout his career he has actively mentored, motivated, developed and managed successful teams.

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