We often come across businesses with a medium to large workforce who are provided with company mobile devices. In most cases, companies overlook the importance of managing dormant lines (including IoT) on their accounts. Statistics show that at least 11% of company lines are in a dormant situation. This directly affects the company’s bottom line and is an abnormality to avoid ASAP.

Unless companies today don’t have a dedicated Administrator or a sound Technology Expense Management system in place to constantly assess all the lines, the dormant lines can fester into major unnecessary costs per month and, without knowing there may be dormant lines for possible reallocation, new contracts are sought to impact even more on the already potential negative cost impact.

The following are some effective ways to avoid lines becoming dormant;

· Consider implementing a Technology Expense Management system to avoid dormant lines and can highlight problem areas quickly

· Make sure that when acquiring a new contract, the package size is in line with the user’s/employee’s requirements/demand as per their job profile

· Should employees either resign or leave the Company for whatever reason, HR should assess whether this person had a company mobile contract or not. If yes, the SIM card and or relevant handset must be handed in. IT / Procurement then needs to be notified that this SIM card is available for reallocation

· A monthly assessment of all the lines usage to be carried out and any abnormalities to be identified pertaining to potential lines being dormant.

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Dave Hughes

Dave Hughes is a Channel Manager at Agora Tec and is a results-driven professional with a proven track record in Corporate and SME environments, spanning management, finance, sales and operations.  Throughout his career he has actively mentored, motivated, developed and managed successful teams.

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