The COVID-19 outbreak has put businesses across the board under immense financial pressure, but small and medium enterprises are especially feeling the brunt of the virus. Now is not the time for any company to get a bill shock relating to staff’s mobile usage.

SmartView Plus helps businesses of any size to track telecoms expenses real-time, making sure that your business doesn’t have to fork out exorbitant amounts when you simply can’t afford to.

What is SmartView Plus?

SmartView Plus gives businesses access to unparalleled visibility, analytics and control of their organisation’s telecoms and IT landscape via one central, cloud-based Technology Expense Management (TEM) platform.

This helps business owners to monitor all enterprise IT and telecoms data, letting them track all mobile and data usage within the organisation, as well as expenses related to desk phones, fixed lines and fuel, among a range of others.

This means businesses can use the platform to monitor all expenditure, usage and trends related to telecoms and IT data in real time, making sure that budget allocations are accurate, and are adhered to. Analytics are presented in easy-to-understand and concise purpose-built reports that are tailored to the needs of every business.

SmartView Plus lets businesses instantly send triggers, exceptions, alerts and notifications to key players via automated emails, utilising daily usage and monthly invoice data that are directly imported from data carriers.

Because the platform is cloud-based, SmartView Plus does not require on-site hardware, and there are no installation costs associated with the service. Its web-based nature also means that business owners have instant access to usage, expenditure and trends, wherever they (or their employees) are working from.

With greater scalability, security and redundancy, SmartView Plus is the perfect way to stay on top of telecoms and IT expenses before they put your business in a tight spot. Now is the time to keep a close eye on all your expenses – find out how SmartView Plus can help your business here and we can book a remote meeting to discuss your requirements.

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