It’s been proven that most South Africans have been shocked by a massive mobile data bill that was not planned nor budgeted for from their cellular provider. Most South Africans have, to a degree, been exposed to out of bundle data costs and it is important to understand when out of bundle rates will apply.

We need to be knowledgeable about the package that we have taken out with our service provider, by knowing exactly how many voice minutes, data and SMS’s is allocated to you every month to ensure you minimise the risk of bill shock.

Your bundle is a package of offerings wrapped together. For example, you pay a monthly subscription fee for voice minutes, data and SMS’s and in most cases a hardware fee.

Data usage is the most common cause of out of bundle charges, but voice, SMS, content services and Roaming can also cause you to go out of bundle

The danger of being out of the bundle can be very alarming and have a tremendous cost implication for you personally or your organisation. Going out of bundle means that you have absorbed your allocated voice minutes, data or SMS’s. When comparing OOB rates to corresponding bundles available across SA’s networks it shown that out of bundle cost can be between 620% to 1000% more expensive.

Once you have depleted your allocated data bundle for the month and you start using data over and above the allocation, out of bundle data rates will apply.

As of today, approximately 60% of the adult population globally is using a smartphone. The features of a smartphone require data to work and understanding the consumption of data is difficult because the smart devices are becoming more and more data-hungry. Your data gets consumed by browsing the internet, reading your emails, watching YouTube videos, browsing through social media and more. Each platform and app consumes data at a different rate and therefore data is charged at the volume of MB used.

Being proactive and loading data onto your device before going out of bundle can save you thousands of Rands. Let’s say that you are notified that you will be going out of the bundle, and you load 1GB of data at R99 if you were to use 1GB of data out of bundle it will cost you R352.44, that is 356% more.

How can I manage my data usage more effectively?
• Restricting the background data on your smartphone settings
• Link your smart device to your WiFi at home to limit mobile data usage
• Corporates and SME’s should consider getting an expense management system that can monitor abnormalities more proactively and notify you when to add additional bundles. Click here for more information


Vickie Janssen

Vickie Janssen is a professional that assists corporates and SME’s optimise costs through technology-based solutions.  She is a Technical Solutions Engineer at Agora Tec with many years of telecommunications and entrepreneurial experience that have given her a solid understanding of business.

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