Use these Microsoft OneDrive tips to level up your cloud storage

Businesses across the globe are making use of Microsoft’s OneDrive cloud storage system to manage their data. With OneDrive for Business, enterprises have access to a terabyte of storage space with each account, and accessing files within the organisation is a cinch.

Use these OneDrive tips to take advantage of all the benefits that this service has to offer.

Get instant access to all your files with Files on Demand

Files on Demand comes standard with Windows 10, and lets users browse through the collection of files in their OneDrive account without the files having to be synced to the PC they are using. While the files are still being primarily stored in the OneDrive account in question, specific files will be automatically be copied from OneDrive when they are opened.

Users can further tailor which files and folders are permanently kept on specific devices by right-clicking on any file or folder and then clicking “Always keep on this device”. A solid green icon in the status column means that these files will now always be stored on a specific device, even when that device is not connected to the internet.

To free up space on a device, users need simply right-click on files and folders and select “Free up space”. While local copies of the files or folders will be removed from the PC or other devices, they will remain stored in the cloud.

Share files in the blink of an eye

Having colleagues access specific files or folders is as easy as right-clicking on the file or folder, and then clicking on “Share a OneDrive link”. A short link, which can be pasted into chat windows or email messages, will be copied to the clipboard.

Take note that anyone that has access to files or folders via this link can open and make changes to the file – something to keep in mind when sending along links with sensitive information.

Add an extra layer of security to keep information safe

If you are wary of allowing changes to confidential or sensitive files or folders, you can specify what kind of access the recipient of a link has. When sharing a file like this, right-click on it in File Explorer, then click on “More OneDrive sharing options”. This will open a share dialog box that lets you detail sharing options, like allowing or disallowing editing of files, setting an expiration date for access to the files, or protecting files with a password you can send to the recipient separately.

Microsoft OneDrive for Business comes standard with an Office 365 subscription. To find out how this software ecosystem can benefit your business, contact Agora Tec today.

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