Is there anything more frustrating than having to tweak the settings every time you have to use a specific PC? We tend to work more efficiently when we work with the same tools and settings, but setting up the machine at the office every morning seems like an unnecessary waste of time.

Windows and the Microsoft suite does provide an easier way to make sure the settings on your computer are always the same, no matter how many machines you typically use on any given day.

How to sync your Microsoft account settings

When you turn on a PC, you will be prompted to sign in with your Microsoft account details. Log into your account and then select the Start menu on the desktop. Choose “Settings”, then navigate to “Account” and look for the menu item “Sync your Settings”, which will be listed along with the pictorial representation of the circle of arrows that we now associate with the term “sync”.

Here you can turn on the sync settings, and you can also choose specific settings that you would like synced across all the computers you use. Accessing your settings is as easy as signing in to your account, which you will have to do to use the machine, anyway.

A wide variety of settings can be synced across machines. These include themes and desktop settings, your settings in Internet Explorer (including search history and favourites), language preferences and passwords.

To stop your devices from syncing, first turn off synced settings on all the devices that are connected to your Microsoft account, then go to the Devices page and select “More actions” for specific devices. Now, select “Remove cloud backup of personal settings”.

Feel at home every time you log into a Microsoft PC and free up more time for productivity with this simple tip. To find out more about how the Microsoft Office 365 suite can help to streamline your business, contact Agora Tec today.

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