Do you know these 6 Microsoft keyboard shortcuts?

They’re called shortcuts for a reason – keyboard shortcuts are easy to use and save you time. Do you want to be more efficient while working on Microsoft Office 365 your computer?µ

These are 6 shortcuts you might not know:

1. Take a snip of what’s on your screen

Press Windows logo key + Shift + S to open the snipping bar, then drag the cursor over the area you want to capture. The area you snipped will be saved to your clipboard.

2. Add an emoji from your keyboard

Express yourself however and wherever you want. Press the Windows logo key + period (.) to open an emoji panel. Use kaomojis to create faces with text, and symbols – like punctuation and currency – to make a statement.

3. Open File Explorer quickly

Press the Windows logo key + E, then open the folder you want in File Explorer.

4. Get to your desktop quickly

Press the Windows logo key + D to minimise all your open windows and go right to your desktop.

5. Open Settings quickly

Press the Windows logo key + I, then select or search for the setting you want to change.

6. Switch between open windows

Hold down the Alt key, then press Tab repeatedly until the window you want is selected, and then release the Alt key.

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