6 things you might not know you can do in Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word is such a much-used staple in the Office 365 suite, you might think you know all its tricks and capabilities. However, there are some unexpected features that could make your life much easier.

Try these 7 tips to up your Word game:

1. Chat within a shared Word doc

When editing a shared Word doc in Office 365, select the picture of someone who’s editing at the same time, and then select Chat.

2. Translate text on the fly

In Word, select some text, right-click it, and then click Translate. Choose a language to see the translation. Click Insert to put it into your document.

3. Word has a resume (and more) for you

Forget the formatting – use a template. Word has dozens to choose from. In Word, select File > New, type Resume in the search box, and then press Enter.

4. Give your docs visual appeal

A unified font and colour scheme make your document stand out. In Word, select Design > Themes. Point to themes to get a preview, then choose one you like.

5. A hyperlink in any colour

Hyperlinks aren’t just blue anymore. Change the colour to match your mood or design. Just select the link and click Home > Font Colour. Choose any colour you like.

6. One-click fixes for accessibility issues

Click Review > Check Accessibility to make sure your messages and documents can be read by people of all abilities. This is available in all Office apps.

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