Here’s how Office 365’s collaboration tools can help your team

Business owners understand the value that great collaboration brings to the office. When every member of the team is informed and up-to-date about their schedules and tasks, a business can run smoothly and at its most efficient.

The Microsoft Office 365 package allows the businesses to harness the power of collaboration with a range of apps and tools dedicated to efficient teamwork.


Delve is a programme dedicated to keeping track of tasks and collaborating with colleagues. Each user has a personalised profile page, featuring a suggested content feed, as well as displays for recently accessed colleague profiles or documents, and recent co-worker activity or communications.

Using machine learning to determine topics that are likely to be of interest to specific users, Delve’s suggested content feed tracks the interaction of users with documents and people across Microsoft OneDrive and Office 365.

Delve lets users easily keep track of their own tasks or those of colleagues and is a great way to stay on top of who is involved where.


Another collaboration tool that is a part of the Microsoft Office 365 suite is the enterprise internal social network, Yammer. Yammer works seamlessly with a number of other programmes in Office 365, allowing users to, for example, use OneDrive in Yammer to create documents with colleagues, use Skype for Business in Yammer to have video meetings, or set up those meetings and other appointments in Outlook.

Yammer serves as a central hub for collaboration, regardless of whether colleagues share an office or not.



Microsoft Sway is a collaborative tool that can be used to create eye-catching presentations, newsletters or reports. In 2015, Sway added the ability to share Sways with colleagues, letting them serve as co-editors.

In this way, team members in different offices or departments can easily work together on documents and presentations without actually sharing the same space.

Depending on their preference and needs, businesses can decide to use either Delve, Yammer or Sway, or a combination of the three programmes.

To find out how Office 365 can benefit your enterprise or small business, or to learn more about the Office 365 for business suite, contact Agora Tec.

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