This is what’s included in Microsoft Office 365

What really makes Office 365 a useful tool for enterprises of any size is its features related to collaboration. In a world where work has become mobile, and teams need to stay connected and work together even if they don’t share an office, Office 365’s tools for collaboration are a boon for business.

Here is a breakdown of what is included in the Microsoft Office 365 package.


Microsoft has long been an indispensable tool for basic data analysis and spreadsheets in the office.


Microsoft word is the quintessential word processor you know and love.


Manage emails and appointments easily with Outlook. This part of the Microsoft Office suite serves as an email application, task manager, calendar, contact manager, and even allows for web browsing, note-taking and journaling.


Microsoft PowerPoint has become the designated platform for creating business presentations.


Also a part of the Microsoft Office suite, Publisher lets users professional-looking brochures, booklets and newsletters to disseminate information, both in-house and to a broader audience.


A reliable cloud-based storage service is indispensable to businesses today, and OneDrive checks all the boxes.


With Microsoft OneNote, users can take and transfer notes on and between any devices, ensuring that you never need to waste time copying information from one device to another.


Businesses can use Microsoft SharePoint to host intranet websites or smaller sites for specific departments or teams, and is a great way for enterprises to manage their backend infrastructure.


Microsoft Exchange makes it easy for teams to manage email. While each user is granted 50GB of storage by default, management of and changes to the server can be done by administrators easily.

Microsoft Teams

This chat-based workspace integrates content, tools and people into a single platform.

Skype for Business

With this video chat app, businesses can host unlimited video and online conferencing meetings with as many as 250 people.

Tools for collaboration

Working together is easy when you have the right tools. As part of Office 365’s arsenal of collaboration tools, users have access to Yammer, Delve and Sway.


Microsoft Flow helps users to create automated workflows utilising a trigger-based system.

To find out which Microsoft Office 365 package is right for your business, contact Agora Tec, and start taking collaboration to greater heights.

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