How Microsoft Whiteboard has changed the face of the online meeting

Microsoft Office 365 is a platform that values collaboration just as much as your business does, and many tools that make it easy to work together are included in the Office 365 package for this purpose. One of the niftiest functionalities in Office 365 is the Microsoft Teams feature, which lets employees collaborate across chat, meetings, files and third-party tools – all in one place.

Using Microsoft Whiteboard in Teams lets co-workers collaborate in real time, using a range of features that make up this infinite digital brainstorming canvas.

Whether team members are collaborating from a meeting room in Teams Meetings, or are working remotely, the intelligent tools available in Microsoft Whiteboard will have your team working together like never before.

Whiteboard now features two intelligent inking options:

  • So, you’ve started making notes on a traditional whiteboard, but the process of digitally copying all you’ve written seems too time-consuming. With ink grab, users can take pictures of notes on a physical whiteboard and easily convert them into digital ink on the Whiteboard app.
  • Can’t quite make out what a colleague wrote? Microsoft Whiteboard’s ink beautification feature deciphers bad handwriting so you don’t have to! This feature analyses handwriting with ease, automatically replacing it with more legible notes.

The board is automatically shared with meeting attendees, who can add their own typed or handwritten notes, sticky notes, images and gridlines in real time, creating a remote brainstorming session that has never been so collaborative.

Office 365 is entirely customisable and is suitable for businesses of any size. If teamwork is key, Office 365 is the obvious choice. To find out about all the tools that make up the Microsoft Office 365 package, or to enquire about a package that suits your business or organisation, contact Agora Tec today.

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