OneNote in Office 365 streamlines and speeds up your daily tasks

Time is money, and being able to work efficiently is a core skill of the 21st century. Luckily, technology has made it simpler to work fast – and the many tools that make up Microsoft Office 365 for business make this a package that has been built for speed and efficiency.

Part of the Microsoft Office Suite, OneNote is a digital notebook with a difference. OneNote has been built for organisation and collaboration, and can be used to collect notes (even handwritten notes can be read by the intelligent platform), drawings, screen clippings and audio commentaries. These notes can easily be shared with other team members.

Following one of its latest updates, OneNote users can now edit content even faster while working. This is thanks to the addition of a Mini toolbar that appears as soon as a user highlights specific texts or content. Instead of having to look for the editing or formatting tool they need in the ribbon at the top of the screen, users can choose a tool directly from the Mini toolbar, streamlining work and saving valuable time and money.

OneNote is entirely customisable, from start to finish. To create a new notebook (which consists of as many note pages as a user may need), open OneNote and type in a name for the notebook in the box that pops up. From here, users can add content as they need to and can add or move pages as they please.

Users can even create sections in a notebook to further organise content, and can also prioritise and tag notes to ensure that team members always stay informed and up to date about tasks that require immediate attention. Notes can be synced among desktop and mobile devices, and the ability to add video, audio, images and documents makes this the platform where all great ideas are born.

To find out more about how Office 365 can benefit your business, contact Agora Tec for a package that suits the needs of your organisation.

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