With Microsoft Office 365, organisations can ease communication and cohesion with the help of a single integrated system, using Microsoft products that they already know and trust.

Included in Microsoft Office 365 is the enterprise social networking service, Yammer.

Yammer is a useful tool for easy communication within organisations. Integrated with the Microsoft Office suite, among many other apps and programmes, Yammer allows users to edit content directly in the app using Office for the web.

With Yammer, organisations can easily communicate with employees using a number of tools, including integrated video with Microsoft Stream. Aiming to improve cross-functional processes, Yammer’s transparent nature allows employees to collaborate around shared ideas and areas of interest.

Users can access data and files from any of the other apps and programmes that comprise the Office 365 suite, making it easy to access the cloud with OneDrive or communicate with Skype for Business, among loads of other possibilities.

Using enterprise-level security measures, you can trust that your network’s data will always stay protected and secure.

If communication and collaboration are key for your organisation’s operations, enterprise social networking platforms like Yammer are useful problem-solving tools, offering seamless connectivity between all key players. Enterprise social networks are praised for their integration and ease of use. Knowledge management has never been so easy, and your company has never been so connected.

To find out more about Yammer and the other offerings that make up the Microsoft Office 365 suite, contact Agora Tec to find out about an SME Business Plans or Enterprise Plan that suits the needs of your organisation.

No matter how big or small your company is, the reliability and ease of Microsoft Office 365 will help to elevate collaboration, efficiency and communication, whatever industry you do business in.

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