Large organisations often have trouble integrating the varied data associated with the running of the company into a format that is comprehensive, yet easy to understand.

SmartView Plus aims to make it easier to grasp the big data of your organisation with a cloud-based Technology Expense Management (TEM) platform that allows for unparalleled analytics, visibility and control across the IT and telecoms landscape.

Put simply, SmartView Plus provides on-demand Business Intelligence (BI) to organisations to track all enterprise IT and telecoms data, including fixed lines, mobile voice and data, desk phones, fuel, and a number of others.

Because SmartView Plus is a cloud-based platform, you can rest assured that you benefit from redundancy, scalability and security. There are no installation costs, as on-site hardware is not required. A web-based interface means instant access to all expenditure, usage and trends anywhere and any time.

Purpose-built reports allow organisations to instantly send exceptions, triggers, notifications and alerts to key players via automated emails, and daily usage and monthly invoice data are imported directly from carriers. This means that runaway devices can be spotted quickly, making wastage abuse, overspend and general inefficiencies easier than ever to spot as these issues arise.

Expenditure, usage and trends across the entire company can be tracked with SmartView Plus, and users are also able to allocate, set budgets, track and recover costs, among many other analytical capabilities.

To find out more about how SmartView Plus can benefit your business, contact Agora Tec today.

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