Artist creates a watch app that turns time on its head

It seems we are now, perhaps more than ever, truly living in the age of innovation. The twentieth century has brought with it leaps and bounds of progress, especially on the technological front, and it looks like the new millennium has already set new standards for how far the human species will progress as tech comes of age.

One contradiction does also pervade this age of innovation and invention: the need to return to some of the knowledge and practices that were common before the age of enlightenment during the Renaissance.

One artist has decided to take our modern notions of time and turn them on their head by returning to ideas about time that predate our own concept of this governing principle of the universe.

The Circa Solar app, which is currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter, with plans to launch later this year, is a watch app that is different from anything you might have seen before. Drawing on the natural circadian rhythms which have been a part of the evolution of life for as long as it has existed, the app ditches the traditional numbered watch face for a digital display that utilises 24-hour light cycles to inform the wearer or viewer of the time of day.

Circa Solar uses a clock face that, instead of the standard 12-hour dial, displays a full 24-hour day, with a line indicating the wearer’s position between daylight and nighttime.

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