Save big on data with Vodacom’s 80GB Red Hot Deal

Internet access is so vital to the general public today, that the United Nations deemed internet access a basic human right in 2016. Whether it’s for professional or personal purposes, few things are as infuriating as running out of data when you need it most.

In an attempt to offer local customers the best possible deals on data, Vodacom has announced the introduction of an 80GB SIM-only data package as a part of the company’s latest Red Hot Dealz promotions.

Costing just R299 per month, and consisting of 50GB anytime data and 30GB Night Owl data, this 24-month SIM-only data deal is available with two device options: the Huawei R218h mobile router (costing an additional R30 per month) and the Huawei B315 home router (costing R50 extra per month).

If you prefer less data at an even smaller price, Vodacom offers an alternative 40GB data package, made up of 20GB anytime data and 20GB Night Owl data, at a reduced price of just R199 per month.

Customers interested in taking advantage of these huge discounts – amounting to savings of up to R4800 – will be subject to signing a 24-month Vodacom contract and paying a once-off SIM and connection fee of R204.

You never have to be frustrated and disconnected again – contact Agora Tec today to find out about these great data savings from Vodacom.

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