For low-cost, high-end mobile devices, look no further than Honor

Initially marketed towards younger, tech-savvy and cost-conscious customers when it first launched in China six years ago, Honor is smartphone giant Huawei’s midrange sibling – and now the company wants to expand its market offering to make its mark in the local mobile industry and abroad.

Recently speaking to TechCentral, Honor South Africa MD Raymond Liu said that the Huawei-owned mid-tier marque had its sights set on big things, specifically working towards making Honor the fourth-largest mobile brand in the world within the next three to four years, and to become one of the top three brands in South Africa.

“Huawei is targeting more premium customers, business customers. The Honor brand is providing more stylish, more funky products in terms of design and colour and look and feel,” Liu said.

Currently holding the number-six spot in terms of global revenue, Honor first targeted China’s (where it is currently the fourth-best-selling smartphone brand) then-rapidly-growing e-commerce market, but after expanding to include the international market, Honor smartphones can now also be acquired elsewhere and through mobile service providers.

Locally, Honor has partnered with Vodacom to offer customers a mid-range phone that feels very much like a high-end premium device. This is thanks to the inclusion of the hardware and software that has made Huawei as popular as it is among South African smartphone enthusiasts.

The Honor 9X is set to launch in South Africa in October. With a price tag of around R6000, this device will sit comfortably next to the other affordable, quality Honor handsets already available to South African consumers.

To enquire about Honor devices through Vodacom, contact Agora Tec for a list of available devices currently on offer in South Africa.

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