Apps that aren’t a waste of your time

As our devices evolve and allow us to monitor we spend our time with them, and amid the formation of places and organisation like the Centre for Humane Technology and the Time Well Spent movement – which aim to reassess the way in which we interact with technology, and how it affects us – there is a growing global movement towards using technology in a healthy way.

If you’re bored of scrolling through your social media feeds, check out these apps that certainly aren’t a waste of your time.

Listen to an audiobook

Commuting, waiting for someone or just lazing around often sees us mindlessly scroll through timelines and feeds. This time could just as easily be spent listening to an audiobook and gaining some knowledge or being transported somewhere entirely different. Audible is perhaps the most widely used tool in this regard, and the app can be downloaded onto iOS or Android devices.

Colour like you’re a kid again

Over the past few years, colouring has gained track as a popular way of spending time, and this activity is often hailed as wonderful for one’s mental health. There are a several apps that recreates this childhood escape for your phone: Pigment (for Android and iOS), Colorfy (for Android and iOS) and Lake: Coloring Books (for iOS) are some options worth trying out.

Learn a new language

Spending some time learning a new language is useful in many ways. Not only do you walk out with a new language in tow, but you also give your brain some much-needed exercise. In this regard, check out Duolingo, Babbel and (How to) Pronounce.

Get fit and healthy

The next time you find yourself vegging out into couch potato mode, why not undertake a speedy exercise session with 7 Minute Workout (available for Android and IOS). Seven minutes a day isn’t too big a sacrifice to make – and you’ll feel the benefits if you are consistent at it.

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