V by Vodacom uses tech to keep your home and loved ones safe

Smart homes are no longer the future – they are very much the present. Although the trend of turning our homes into connected parts of our lives is still only starting to take hold among the South African public, the increased availability of high-speed internet will ensure that we will very soon be living in spaces that are just as connected as those of our international counterparts.

V by Vodacom aims to make the transition to smart living a smooth one with a range of lifestyle products and services that lay the foundations for turning your house into a smart home, and keeping those near and dear to you safe. Here is a run-down.

What is V by Vodacom?

V by Vodacom is a new way to easily connect devices that keep everyone and everything you care about safe and secure, even when you are not there. This service is available to Vodacom Prepaid and Contract customers, as well as to non-Vodacom customers.

With V by Vodacom, Vodacom is also introducing the V-Sim. This is no ordinary SIM card! The V-Sim can connect any compatible device to the V by Vodacom network, ensuring that those devices stay connected, even without access to a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi network.

The V-Sim and V by Vodacom are compatible with a range of lifestyle and smart devices:

  • V-Home by Vodacom: Using a selection of smart home devices, including a V-Home Hub, multi-purpose sensor, siren and smart camera, the V-Home system makes your home smarter and safer by detecting intrusion and allowing for constant monitoring with your smartphone. The system is easy to set up and use.
  • V-Pet Tracker by Vodacom: This tiny GPS tracker attaches to your pet’s collar, and makes it simple to track your pet’s location via an easy-to-use mobile app. Set up Safe Zones and get notifications once your pet leaves them, and even keep track of your pet’s rest and exercise.
  • V-Kids Watch by Vodacom: This TCLMOVE watch allows parents to keep track of their kids’ whereabouts with the TLCMOVE app, while also allowing children to send an alert to their parents’ smartphone by pressing an SOS button on the watch.
  • V-Bag Tracker by Vodacom: Utilising the Alcatel MOVETRACK GPS tracker, you’ll never have to wonder where your bag is again. Clip it onto or put it inside your bag to track its location with your smartphone, even when you’re not nearby. Thanks to its V-Sim, the V-Bag Tracker by Vodacom can be used in South Africa, as well as in most African and European countries.

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