Following the trend of creating lightweight versions of popular apps for regions where an internet connection is spotty, Google has introduced a ‘lite’ version of its Photos app.

Dubbed Gallery Go, the app will afford users many of the functionalities of the Photos app, including using machine learning tools to manage and organise images, auto-enhance pictures, or apply filters, albeit without requiring a constant connection to the internet.

Gallery Go only takes up about 10MB of space on Android devices running Android Oreo 8.1 or higher and is designed to work offline, helping users to save data where it is in slim supply.

The latest offering from Google adds to several technologies designed for the developing market, where internet access and reliable connections are not necessarily the norm.

Among other apps, Google has even developed a lightweight version of its operating system, called Android Go, which is designed to work on cheaper smartphones without the powerful processing capabilities of their more expensive flagship counterparts.

To download Gallery Go, head to the Google Play Store, and give this more affordable, less weighty version of the Photos app a go. Check out a video about Gallery Go below.

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