Tesla will soon be able to stream Netflix and YouTube

Tesla owners regularly praise how this car brand effortlessly combines the automotive with the technological, and the Easter eggs hidden inside any Tesla’s software are often a great source of fun for people that drive these electric vehicles.

Tesla already offer the ability to play a range of games on the Tesla’s impressive in-car display, including Fallout Shelter, Cuphead and some classic Atari Games like Pole Position, Tempest and Missile Command. Chess is also an option for the more old-school drivers among Tesla enthusiasts.

This in-car entertainment offering is about to expand even further, announced Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, in a tweet on 27 July.

The games available in the Tesla can only be played when the car is parked, with players using the steering wheel as a controller, and the same rule will apply to the streaming offerings coming to Tesla vehicles.

This follows the debate about self-driving cars and the safety concerns associated with in-car entertainment, after a self-driving Uber was involved in a fatal crash with a pedestrian in 2017, while the vehicle’s test driver was watching the popular talent show, The Voice in the car.

Musk has said that watching video while the car is in motion would only be enabled once regulators have approved self-driving vehicles.

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