Vodacom named South Africa’s leading telecommunications company

In the latest South African Customer Satisfaction Index (SAcsi) for Telecommunications Services, Vodacom has been named South Africa’s leading telecommunications company.

Independent customer experience consultancy, Consulta, has been publishing an annual Benchmark Report since 2012, and for the past four years, Vodacom has emerged as the network with the most satisfied customers.

The SAcsi report also revealed that Vodacom is seen as the closest “ideal” provider, with a 74.8 overall customer satisfaction index score. This score comes in well above other competitors in the market.

Exceeding or falling short of customer expectations, perceived value and overall satisfaction are just some of the criteria used in the compiling of the SAcsi report, and this benchmark report for telecommunications services offers an independent look into the South African telecoms industry.

“When your business is about connecting people and offering them as much value as possible, nothing is more rewarding than knowing that your customers are satisfied. With brands constantly clamouring for consumer attention, today’s differentiator is value and Vodacom is constantly innovating to add value to the lives of all of our customers,” said Errol van Graan, Chief Officer of Vodacom’s Commercial Operations.

Overall, South Africa’s telecommunications industry compared well against international markets like the US and Singapore.

SAcsi is a global partner of the American Customer Satisfaction Index, used in 23 countries to measure customer satisfaction around the globe. The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is a popular metrics used by businesses in all sectors, and aims to measure the way that people discuss and promote a brand or business to their friends and family.

Vodacom scored high on the NPS scale, and also emerged as the leader when it came to aspects like value-added service and access to brand information.

“Customer satisfaction is a complex sentiment to measure, so to receive this title from South Africa’s only Customer Satisfaction Index recognised internationally is an honour for us,” said Van Graan.

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