In search of your niche? Tech jobs are your best bet.

It doesn’t take an expert to see that the future is filled with tech, but while we’ve been hearing talk of automation for years, it seems there truly has never been a better time to consider a job in tech than right now.

Even occupations that have been traditionally considered as stable and safe in the long run are now constantly under the threat of technological developments that may put these jobs in peril in the future.

Some of the latest research surrounding the infiltration of capital markets by technologies put 400,000 full-time jobs at risk of being lost to artificial intelligence, which will replace humans by 2030. This is according to research consultancy Opimas.

Between January and May this year alone, Opimas found that roughly 35% of jobs posted by 19 European and US banks were for data and tech roles, threatening the traditional order of the capital sector with its specialised graduates in the financial industry.

As will all forms of automation, the rise of technologies related to artificial intelligence is increasingly being used in the financial industry to hasten tasks and do them more accurately and efficiently.

Axel Pierron, co-founder and managing director of Opimas, predicts that up to 66,000 new technology and data science jobs will be created in the financial industry by 2030.

While it makes sense that AI could be a huge asset in an industry where accurate predictions are of the essence, artificial intelligence is already starting to infiltrate creative industries – traditionally thought to be the exclusive domain of human beings – albeit in an assistant role. However, the progress being made with machine learning means that AI and other tech tools will become an important part of every industry in the world.

If you have children currently pondering their career path or if you are considering a career change yourself, equipping yourself with computer programming and coding skills seems to be a sure-fire way to ensure that your job will not be replaced by a computer. In fact, skills like these may prove a valuable addition to your CV as we enter the tech age at blistering speed.

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