Dropbox’s latest overhaul promises to prioritise productivity

Very few businesses today don’t use Dropbox or some other type of cloud storage application to ease access to files and documents wherever they are. Cloud storage has simplified the way in which we send along and access files, and the latest updates to Dropbox aim to integrate this platform with more applications in order to aid a smoother experience for users.

Announced at an event in San Francisco, integration is the keyword when it comes to the updated version of Dropbox. The platform has now been integrated with the productivity app Slack, which means that users will be able to access Slack notifications, as well as messaging team members involved with a project directly via Dropbox.

This integration follows an earlier feature that allowed enterprise users to edit Google Docs within the Dropbox platform – this functionality will now be able to all Dropbox users.

Web shortcut URLs can also be added to Dropbox project folders easily, providing a single interface from which users can access all links and cloud documents.

A so-called “rich interface experience” is at the forefront of the changes to Dropbox. Regardless of the application used to make them, Dropbox users can now view the description of a project, due dates, action items and other types of documentation in a single folder.

The most recent changes to Dropbox tie in with the company’s aim to simplify the platform, making it a tool which integrates with multiple apps – the number of which could be as many as 35 different apps a day for the average office worker, according to Dropbox CEO Drew Houston.

Dropbox already integrates with the entire Microsoft Office suite, allowing changes to be made directly within Dropbox, while AutoCAD files can also be viewed inside a Dropbox file viewer, without the user having to have AutoCAD installed on the computer or device they are accessing Dropbox from.

Adam Nash, Vice President of Product and Growth at Dropbox echoed the sentiment of integration.

“We very much think of Dropbox as a platform. We want Dropbox to be the place to get work done, and create an ecosystem where the best of breed applications and content can come together,” said Nash.

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