Google Assistant to integrate with Waze

The preferred navigation app among Uber drivers everywhere will now be integrated with Google’s virtual assistant.

Google made the announcement on 10 June, expanding Google Assistant’s accessibility with navigation apps.

Google Assistant already integrates with Google Maps, but now Android users will also be able to integrate with Waze.

Increased features and functionality

Google Assistant’s features now integrate with the functionalities of Waze, allowing users to use voice-activated commands without having to leave the navigation screen.

For example, by saying “Hey Google, report traffic”, Waze will use its built-in traffic-reporting feature directly as soon as the command is heard. Users can also avoid tolls by using the voice command, “hey Google, avoid tolls”.

Some Waze-specific commands include:

• “Hey Google, report traffic.”
• “Hey Google, report a crash.”
• “Hey Google, report police.”
• “Hey Google, allow/avoid tolls/highways.”
• “Hey Google, show me alternate routes.”

Google Assistant in Waze also provides access to the usual features, including playing back music and podcasts.

Hands-free voice control is a key feature when it comes to navigating the roads safely, and Google’s move of integration with successful competing navigation apps is a welcome addition.

The new integration has already been released in the US, albeit just in English and only for Android devices. The expansion of this availability is expected soon. Keep an eye on Agora Tec’s blog for the latest on the availability of this functionality for Android users in South Africa.

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