Keeping track of the ways in which you spend mobile data can go a long way in sticking to your monthly data budget. Lucky for you, most smartphones now have settings that enable users to easily stay up to date on exactly how they are using the data on their mobile phones.

Use these tips from Vodacom #Datawyze to see how much data you are using, and where you are using it.

Android devices

Android users can set a data usage warning on their mobile phones by tweaking the settings on their device. Here’s how.

  • On your Android device, go to “Settings”, then “Connections”, then navigate to “Data usage”, and finally to “Mobile data usage”.
  • Select the gear icon in the top-right corner of your screen to open the Billing cycles page, and then select “Data usage warning”.
  • You will now be able to set a data usage warning value, based on the amount of data you prefer to use. Select the down arrow next to the value box to specify the data size measurement as either megabytes (MB) or gigabytes (GB). Once you’ve selected the amount of data you’d like to be notified about, tap on “Set”.

iOS devices

iOS devices unfortunately don’t offer users the ability to set a data usage warning, but users are able to track the amount of data they are using as they use it.

To see how much data you are using on your Apple mobile device, go to “Settings”, then tap on “Cellular or Mobile data”, and then scroll down to “System Services”. When opening “System Services”, you are able to turn cellular data on or off for individual apps and services.

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