Small business owners know the struggle of keeping their employees connected to the web while trying not to sacrifice profits in the process. With Vodacom’s Business Ticket, this battle is a thing of the past.

This innovative product helps employers to manage their employees’ mobile spend while avoiding having to pay for internet services that do not benefit their business directly. This is because Vodacom Business Tickets have been specifically designed with business owners and the needs of their businesses in mind.

What is Vodacom Business Tickets?

In essence, Vodacom Business Tickets are data bundles created with a specific, business-related purpose in mind. The cost of essential business applications that require an internet connection, like email, navigation apps and cloud storage, can easily be managed with Business Tickets, and bundle sizes can be tailored to suit your specific business needs, and even to fulfil the needs of different divisions within a business.

How does it work?

Vodacom Business Tickets are divided into four different categories: Email Tickets, Email Plus Tickets, Navigation Tickets and Cloud Tickets.

• Email Ticket

Ideal for the business owner that wants to make sure the channels of communication within a business are open, Email Tickets provide access to your email application of choice. At the low cost of just R59 for a 1GB bundle of once-off or recurring data, your employees will always have access to business emails, whenever and wherever they are.

• Email Plus Ticket

If your business uses email as one of its primary means of communication, you’ll need more robust connections. At just R89 for a 2GB once-off or recurring data bundle, Email Plus Tickets are one of the cheapest ways to ensure that all communication related to your business reaches your employees.

• Navigation Ticket

If the nature of your business requires employees to take to the road very often, the Vodacom Business Navigation Ticket is perfect for you. Gain access to multiple map apps at R99 for 3GB of data, once-off or recurring.

• Cloud Ticket

Businesses are increasingly moving their data to the cloud. Not only does this back up data to keep it safe, but it also ensures that employees can access important information, even when they’re not in the office. For R159, Vodacom Cloud Tickets give you a 5GB once-off or recurring data bundle, regardless of what cloud storage app you use.

Optimise the data usage of your business by using the My Vodacom App, My Vodacom Business, or by dialling *135# from your mobile phone.

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