Download this app before the elections in May

With national and provincial elections less than a month away, the political climate in South Africa is certainly heating up.

Whichever party you are planning to put your X next to, the Electoral Commission of South Africa’s mobile app will help you to be where you need to be, come 8 May.

Stay up to date about the 2019 elections

The official IEC app has a number of functionalities. It allows registered voters to, among other things:

  • Check your address.
  • View your registration details, including checking your registration status, and viewing the details of the voting station you are registered at.
  • Apply for a special vote (if you are unable to travel to your voting station because you are physically infirm, disabled or pregnant, or are unable to make it to the voting station you are registered at on election day – applying for special votes can only be done until 18 April, so remember to apply if you qualify).
  • View candidates.
  • Get election results as they are announced.
  • Report issues at voting stations.

The app also features a section with answers to the most common questions relating to the voting process.

The IEC app can be downloaded on Android and Apple devices.

Gamifying the voting experience

During the previous elections, the IEC also announced the introduction of a 3D mobile game called IXSA. IXSA aims to introduce first-time voters to the electoral process in a “fun, interactive and innovative way”.

The game sees players create an avatar, which is then tasked with registering as a voter and then voting on Election Day. Even if you have voted before, it can’t hurt to run a quick refresher course, can it?

IXSA can be downloaded for Android and iPhone.

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