Vodacom has announced that it now provides support for eSIM devices. The announcement was made at an event held at Vodacom World in Midrand earlier this month.

This is made possible with new offering called OneNumber, which enables customers to use a single mobile number across a number of devices.

How does OneNumber work?

Vodacom’s OneNumber platform allows customers to make and receive calls and texts, as well as maintain a data connection on a smartphone and eSIM-enabled device at the same time.

eSIMs (short for embedded SIMs) are traditionally found in smart wearable devices like smart watches, and allows these devices to then connect to mobile networks and function by means of a cellular connection.

In addition to allowing cellular connections, the OneNumber platform also enables the storage of multiple profiles without making use of a traditional SIM card or SIM slot.

Special offer on Samsung wearables

As a part of the launch of eSIM capabilities, Vodacom also announced that it would partner with the South Korean mobile manufacturer Samsung to implement the technology in South Africa.

Vodacom is running a special offer on a newly-launched eSIM-enabled Samsung Galaxy Watch to its customers: The eSIM-enabled Galaxy Watch 42mm and 46mm are now available from Vodacom at R5,999 for the 42mm Galaxy Watch, and R6,299 for the 46mm Galaxy Watch.

For the duration of March, the Galaxy Watch will be available as an add-on to a Galaxy S10 smartphone contract at an additional price of R199 per month.

A once-off R98 connection fee will be applicable for the service, and customers will be charged R25 for data sharing across a smartphone and a wearable on an LTE connection.

The eSIM-enabled Samsung Galaxy Watch is the first eSIM-enabled wearable in South Africa, but more smartphones and wearables that make use of OneNumber’s LTE connectivity are expected to follow soon.

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