Apple announced that it was accepting entries for this year’s Shot on iPhone Challenge late in January, and a month later, the judges have made their decision. The competition was open to all iPhone users, and guidelines stipulated that photographers were allowed to use third-party or Apple’s own editing software, although no additional hardware could be used when capturing images with an iPhone.

The panel tasked with judging the thousands of entries submitted via social media (using the hashtag #ShotOniPhone) and email consists of a number of notable photographers, including the chief official White House photographer for former US President Barack Obama, Pete Souza, and Annet de Graaf, a prominent iPhone travel photographer.

Here are the 10 winners:

Alex Jiang (US), using an iPhone XS Max

Blake Marvin (US), using an iPhone XS Max

Darren Soh (Singapore), using an iPhone XS Max

Nikita Yarosh (Belarus), using an iPhone 7

Dina Alfasi (Israel), using an iPhone X

Elizabeth Scarrott (US), using an iPhone 8 Plus

Andrew Griswold (US), using an iPhone XS

Bernard Antolin (US), using an iPhone XS Max

LieAdi Darmawan (US), using an iPhone XS

Robert Glaser (Germany), using an iPhone 7

After some controversy surrounding reimbursement for their work, Apple announced that licensing fees would be paid to the 10 winners. The winning images will be used in Apple stores, on billboards and on the Apple website.

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