Employees across a range of industries are increasingly required to be jacks-of-all-trades, and this often comes with bigger and more comprehensive job descriptions. More work means more things to tick off to-do lists, and technology has brought a number of options to track productivity in the office.

Whether you’re the person in charge, or whether you’re just a normal employee looking to increase your productivity in the face of a more diverse workload, these productivity apps will help you to level up at the office.

1. Slack

If your team is not office-bound, or if you often make use of the services of freelancers who you don’t share a workspace with, keeping in touch to check on and discuss tasks can prove arduous. Slack’s messaging platform keeps you in touch with all your employees, all the time. Slack easily integrates with a number of other productivity apps and services, is entirely customisable to your needs, and a search functionality makes it easy to see all the discussions pertaining to a particular subject.

2. Grammarly

Even if your company’s primary business does not entail a lot of writing, you will have to submit a written piece once every often – emails, proposals, mission and vision statements, social media posts, press releases… the list goes on. Poor spelling and grammar creates the impression that your business doesn’t take care of the small things, and you’d be surprised at how many people (including potential clients and collaborators) will be put off by it.

Grammarly takes your word processor’s spell-checking capabilities to the next level, and bases stylistic recommendations on specific genres of writing, if need be. Even if you consider yourself a good writer, this app will make your work a whole lot better.

3. Harvest

Invoices for work are often based on the amount of time spent on a specific task or project, but keeping track of the hours you spend working isn’t always easy. With Harvest, you’ll never forget to set a timer or send an inaccurate invoice again. This app has native invoicing and expensing capabilities, helping you to turn hours into rands in an instant.

4. Any.do

How often have you forgotten about a meeting scheduled on a day that is already jam-packed? Any.do’s Moment feature helps you to get into the habit of reviewing your daily tasks first thing in the morning, so you’re never caught off guard again. This is a collaborative task-management and to-do app that will tick all your boxes as you tick off all your tasks.

5. RescueTime

Ultimately, time management requires a thorough assessment of how a person is spending their hours to begin with. RescueTime is a great way to ascertain what you are wasting time on, so you can increase productivity. The app allows you to record the websites you visit, the apps you use, and the breaks you take between work. RescueTime will block apps and websites that distract you while you’re working, and will take specific productivity goals – like spending no more than an hour a day on emails – into account, as it helps you to structure your days for optimum efficiency.

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