The cameras on our mobile devices are constantly improving, and many tech experts believe that they will soon be good enough to replace traditional cameras altogether.

Filmmakers have utilised mobile technology in their cinematic endeavours for quite a while, though, and these five films that were shot either entirely or partly with iPhones will have you questioning if the picture you just took of your coffee really does the exceptional camera on your smartphone justice.

1. 9 Rides

This film features an Uber driver that gets cathartic news on New Year’s Eve. The 2017 film was shot entirely on an iPhone 6s, and was directed by Matthew A. Cherry.

2. I Play With the Phrase Each Other

The plot of this 2014 crime drama, directed by Jay Alvarez, centres around a number of phone conversations, but the film was also shot in its entirety on an iPhone. I Play With the Phrase Each Other takes viewers right into the belly of the world of cyber criminals.

3. Unsane

Acclaimed director, Steven Soderbergh, decided to shoot this full-length medical thriller entirely on an iPhone 7 Plus, and it paid off – the film had a budget of just $1.5 million, but went on to make $14.2 million at the box office. Unsane released last year to generally positive reviews.

4. Night Fishing

This 2011 fantasy short film follows a fisherman as he makes an unexpected catch. Night Fishing directors Chan-kyong Park and Chan-wook Park shot it using an iPhone 4.

5. Searching for Sugar Man

You might have thought you knew every titbit about this award-winning documentary by Malik Bendjelloul – especially since South Africa plays its own significant part in this story. What you might not have known is that Bendjelloul ran out of film for his 8mm camera while shooting, and shot the rest of the film using his iPhone and an app called 8mm Vintage Camera. It went on to win an Oscar.

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