Win a VR box with Agora Tec!

Agora Tec is excited to announce that we will be giving away a number of VR boxes to a few lucky Agora Tec fans.

What is a VR box?

Virtual reality headsets, also referred to as VR boxes, are tools that are used in conjunction with mobile phones, in order to create a virtual or augmented reality experience for users. VR boxes are popular among gamers, who enjoy the immersive experience that virtual reality provides. The use of VR extends far beyond gaming, though, with prominent other examples including the use of VR for the treatment of anxiety and other psychological conditions, for training and education, tourism, and even theatre and other performances. The Virtual Reality Society lists numerous real-life applications for this technology.

Whether you prefer using VR as a practical or training tool, or would rather like to take advantage of the technology’s entertainment capacity, Agora Tec’s VR box giveaway could be the way to get your hands on this exciting device a little earlier than you might have anticipated.

To stand a chance of winning your very ownone of 20 VR boxes, simply subscribe to Agora Tec’s newsletter and like our Facebook page to stay updated about the latest news surrounding the competition. The competition will run until the end of April, and winners will be announced on the Agora Tec Facebook page

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