As per the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa’s (ICASA) new regulations pertaining to out-of-bundle (OOB) data billing, Vodacom will be implementing changes to its OOB data rules from 1 March 2019. These changes will affect Prepaid, Hybrid (Top-Up) and Postpaid (Contract) customers, with the aim of preventing bill shock related to out-of-bundle data costs for customers.

Vodacom customers are urged to take note of the new data rules which will include:

  • Usage notifications via SMS

These notifications have already been implemented, and entail Vodacom sending usage depletion notifications via SMS, push notification or any applicable means to end-users when their usage reaches 50%, 80% and 100% depletion. These SMSs will include data bundle offerings that the customer can purchase. The proposed data bundles will typically be at a reduced rate.

  • OOB Default Blocking

This enables data usage to be suspended at a predetermined point, and the OOB data rates to be prohibited. Hybrid (Top Up) and Postpaid (Contract) customers will automatically be opted into the OOB Data Limit Lock from 1 March. A limit is set to R0 once a bundle is depleted, which means that the customer will be cut off from using mobile data until they purchase another data bundle. Prepaid customers using Anytime, URL, Night Owl or time-based data bundles will be opted into the OOB data limit lock service and their limit set to R0.

  • Data Rollover

From 1 March, Vodacom will allow customers to roll over unused data before its expiry date. In the event of unused data being rolled over, Vodacom will in the first instance apply data usage against the rolled over data until that data is fully depleted, and thereafter against the newly allocated data.

  • Data Transfer

All Prepaid, Hybrid (Top Up) and Postpaid (Contract) customers will be able to transfer an unlimited amount of once-off and recurring data bundles that are about to expire, giving them a new 7-day expiry validity from the date of transfer. Hourly, daily and promotional bundles are excluded from data transfer.

For any queries related to Vodacom’s new OOB data rules, customers can contact Vodacom via their new Customer Care number, by dialling 135 from their cellphone, or by keeping an eye on the Vodacom App and new functionalities. Businesses that have questions can also contact Vodacom on 082 1940.

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