This is where you can find free Wi-Fi hotspots in Jozi

We have reached 2019 and staying connected all the time isn’t just a convenience anymore – it’s a requirement for most people’s day-to-day. Whether you need an internet connection to apply for jobs or to do your job, whether you need to be connected to the World Wide Web to stay in touch with friends via messaging apps and social media platforms, or whether you just really need to go online to check out the latest cat video, the internet has become imperative for most people.

However, data costs sometimes inhibit us from having access to the web to the extent that we’d like to, and running out of data during critical periods can mean the difference between seeing a job listing that’s just right for you, and remaining unemployed.

Luckily, there is a goldmine of free Wi-Fi hotspots available in eGoli. Here’s where to drop by when you’ve run out of mobile moolah. Remember to ask your waiter for the Wi-Fi password of the day.


Open 24/7, Andiccio24 has a number of branches in and around Jozi. Order something to eat or drink, and you have access to unlimited free Wi-Fi any time of the day or night.

For a list of Andiccio24 branches in and around Johannesburg, click here.


Getting access to Kauai’s free Wi-Fi only requires ordering a coffee, a smoothie or a meal.

For a list of Kauai branches in and around Johannesburg, click here.

Mugg & Bean

You’ll get free access to the Wi-Fi at most Mugg & Bean branches for 30 minutes, after which you can ask your waiter about their paid internet access. If you’re just looking for a quick connection and you’re in the vicinity, grab a coffee and do what you need to do.

For a list of Mugg & Bean branches in and around Johannesburg, click here.

Seattle Coffee

Free Wi-Fi access is available at any of Seattle Coffee’s many branches.

For a list of Seattle Coffee branches in and around Johannesburg, click here.

Skoobs at Monte Casino

This much-loved bookshop is a great place to quietly catch up on pressing emails. The Wi-Fi at Skoobs is available for free.


With branches all over the city, you won’t just get free Wi-Fi at Wimpy, but can also chomp on one of their signature burgers.

For a list of Wimpy branches in and around Johannesburg, click here.


This iconic coffee joint is easily recognisable by the characteristic twin-tailed mermaid in its logo, but if you don’t know where your nearest Starbucks is, here is a list of branches.

Motherland Coffee Company

If you prefer your coffee locally sourced, drop by Motherland – and grab that Wi-Fi password while you’re at it.

For a list of Motherland Coffee Co. branches in and around Johannesburg, click here.

Thank goodness that free Wi-Fi is now more accessible than ever before. Should you be in the vicinity of an airport or your local FNB branch, don’t forget that you can access the web for free at these places, too.

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