Here are some of the most unusual gadgets released at CES 2019

For more than half a century, CES has brought the world the latest and greatest in consumer electronics. Considering it is held in Las Vegas, it comes as no surprise that this trade show is filled with some pretty unusual attractions.

CES 2019, which kicked off on 8 January, wasn’t any different, and we’ve rounded up some of the strangest products released at this year’s showcase of consumer electronics.

DNA testing… for your cat

Companies like 23andMe have made it easier than ever before to get an idea of your genetic background (already leading to a number of unexpected discoveries) and now your furry feline’s lineage can also be traced. Why would you want to know your cat’s genetic background, I hear you ask? The company responsible for the DNA testing kit for cats, Basepaws, claims it can provide information that might prove useful in the realms of nutrition and genetic disposition for disease, as well as providing interesting background information about specific breeds.

A revolutionary toothbrush

The Y-Brush officially launched at CES 2019, and while we’re not sure whether it will catch on, it is certainly a different take on oral hygiene. Featuring a gum guard-type design, simply put some toothpaste into the Y-Brush and let it rip. Its designers claim that the Y-Brush cleans your teeth in just 10 seconds as the brushes embedded inside it vibrate as you chew.

An electronic pet designed to make you happy

Developed by Japanese robotics startup GrooveX, Lovot isn’t just another electronic pet like yesteryear’s Furby or its more advanced, AI-equipped counterparts. Lovot was specifically designed to nurture people’s capacity to love – something that is definitely useful in the world today. Lovot does this by demanding affection from its owner. Lovot follows you around and might even wave its arms to catch your attention.

A loo that gets to know you

Kohler’s Numi 2.0 Intelligent Toilet is the loo you didn’t know you needed. It is equipped with Amazon’s Alexa, meaning you won’t have to go through another ablution session with your phone as company, and it also features a heated seat, a personal dryer, ambient lighting and music. We can imagine that this must provide a totally unique (albeit rather pricey – the Numi 2.0 will set you back $7000) lavatory experience, and with voice control and hands free operation in tow, it seems a whole lot more hygienic, too.

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